My Journey

After 5 years of living in Barcelona, teaching English and working on boats, I decided to shift my focus towards health and wellness and graduated as a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach with the Institute of Health Sciences Ireland.

I’ve been very lucky to experience sailing around the world with my family living a slightly unconventional lifestyle. You’re typically outdoors, disconnected from your phone, exploring and discovering new things everyday outside your comfort zone.

I’ve worked on many different yachts around the world with a wide variety of owners and outlooks. However a common theme has been the enjoyment of the sea, water sports, having a break from the rat race lifestyle, exploring new places and enjoying the food and company. Nutrition, stress, movement, sleep and energy are all aspects that impact our overall health and wellness. The personalised aspect of the job is important to me as I have the opportunity to give people the best experience.

My latest yacht jobs as first mate/chef on-board beautiful sailing yachts with very health conscious owners gave me the final push to explore this area further. I have seen an increase in interest in nutritious menus plans, vegetarian, vegan and gluten/lactose-free diets as well as an appetite to try dishes from around the world. I wanted to be more informed about how to create a balanced meal plan for guests and crew.

Teaching English to all ages has given me a great insight into how people learn, what motivates them and how to make real lasting progress over time. We will negotiate and create a Nutrition and Lifestyle Plan together with realistic action steps for you to follow. We will work to empower you and ensure you understand how we will achieve your goals.

I love and embrace the holistic approach of looking at all aspects of your wellness and lifestyle to reach your full potential.

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