Welcome Aboard

After 5 years of living in Barcelona, initially as an Aupair then teaching English and working on boats, I’ve decided to shift my focus towards health and wellness and study to become a Health Coach with the Institute of Health Sciences https://instituteofhealthsciences.com

I will spend this year doing an online course in nutrition and lifestyle. In many ways it’s a natural progression given my interest in working with people and living a healthy lifestyle by being active and eating well.

My latest yacht job as first/mate chef on-board a beautiful sailing yacht with very health conscious owners has given me the final push to commit to studying and start thinking about exactly how I want to develop my career in this area.

Teaching English to all ages from toddlers to busy professionals and enthusiastic grandparents has given me a great insight into how people learn, what motivates them and how to make real lasting progress over time. Especially with the enthusiasm for more conversational style classes , the discussions often closely resembled a therapy/coaching session anyway!

I’ve been very lucky and experienced sailing around the world with my family living a slightly unconventional lifestyle. You’re typically outdoors, disconnected from your phone, exploring and discovering new things everyday outside your comfort zone.

I’ve worked on very different yachts around the world with a wide variety of owners and outlooks. However a common theme has been the enjoyment of the sea, water sports, having a break from the rat race lifestyle, exploring new places and enjoying the food and company. The personalised aspect of the job appeals to me, just as teaching largely private classes or small groups does. You have the opportunity to give people the best experience.

I’m looking forward to learning more and deciding how to use this new health coach element to work both online and in person. I have the advantage of speaking English and Spanish alongside teaching, chef and yacht experience. It might be coaching clients individually, holding workshops, working as a health focussed yacht chef or training yacht chefs in nutrition and healthy cooking, combining fitness classes and teaching English… or a selection of the above !

I chose to start with a Health Coach course and then potentially do more study of nutrition or fitness because I love and embrace the holistic approach of looking at all aspects of your wellness and lifestyle.

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